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Location: California

Price: 38500.00

Year/Model: 1957 MG
Fully restored MGA Roadster for sale. Has a standard 1500cc 4 cylinder motor with it's original cooresponding 4 speed gearbox.The motor has been properly refurbished. It has a new crankshaft, bearings, piston rings and seals.The motor also has a new water pump, radiator, starter and generator.The gearbox has been cleaned, inspected and resealed with new synchros. The clutch pressure plate and bearing as well as linkages and slave cylinder were also replaced. The SU Carburetors have been fully rebuilt and outfitted with Ram-pipe intakes. The exhaust is an aftermarket side-pipe systemfrom patriot Exhaust Systems. All other parts were purchased through Moss Motors. The pain and body were done by Ceasar's Auto Body in Hemet, California which was a five and a half month long process that took the car apart down to the frame. Incredible job. There is just so much to say about this beauty. Please call me for more details.

Contact Info:
Name: Erick Moore Phone: 951-492-9700
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Location: Hemet, California, 92544   Show me location







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